Featured Image: Tira Thunder, Size 8’x10’


Special Edition

Fiber Content: Himalayan Wool and Silk
Sizes: Custom



  • Hand Knotted Construction.
  • 100 Knots Per Square Inch.
  • 7 Individual Colors.
  • Various Cut and Loop Pile Heights.
  • Custom Material, Color, Size, Construction and Pile Heights Available.
  • Offered in Hand Tufted.
  • Pricing Available Upon Request.



Suspended over the ever-changing tides of the East River, lies the iconic Manhattan Bridge.  This historic marvel is constantly alive with a beating heart of energy, color, and sound. Amidst the light of day, subway cars buzz with a whooshing current of harmonics as they traverse to and fro across the bridge’s expanse.  Bicyclists and pedestrians crossing high above, peer down over the edge, catching their breath as they admire the superstructure’s reflective shadow cast by the clouds and sun in the waters below.

As the cooling of the summer air draws near, the honking horns and glowing headlights of cars racing along the bridge’s lower level create a beautiful, glistening symphony on the waves of the river. This dance of sight and sound continues its magical crescendo as it mixes and mingles with the beacons of lights emanating from nearby buildings.  It’s here, among this ever flowing, always changing reflection where we drew our inspiration for the TIRA DESIGN.

The shadow-like appearance throughout the design is created from a selective range of 7 colors signifying the various reflections. The handcrafted artwork truly comes to life using 100 knots per square inch, various pile heights and precise carving details, each evoking the reflections of the bridge’s levels seen in the rippling East River tides. It’s almost as if this still structure is an ever-moving facade, instead of solid pillars of concrete and steel.