Featured Image: Quagga Voyage, Size 5’x8’


Special Edition

Fiber Content: New Zealand Wool and Hemp
Sizes: Custom



  • Platinum Hand Tufted Construction.
  • 13 Blended Colors.
  • Various Cut and Sculptured Pile Heights.
  • Custom Material, Color, Size, Construction and Pile Heights Available.
  • Offered in Hand Knotted.
  • Pricing Available Upon Request.
Wild Nile



You’re overwhelmed with excitement as you feel your heart beat out of your chest while the rugged, safari vehicle crests a rocky ridge of the dry African prairie. Trumpets of elephants echo across rolling hills as the untamed landscape appears before your eyes, nothing between you and the wildlife but the bright morning sun and lush greenery of the bush. You breathe in the thick desert air from inside your dusty, open vehicle and search the horizon for a glimpse of a rare and powerful creature. Suddenly the ground beneath you starts to tremble as a vast herd of zebra make their way past you towards a glistening watering hole. It is dawn on the plains, and you bask in amazement and wonder as nature’s most magnificent sights come to life.

The beauty and splendor of the African Safari inspired our QUAGGA DESIGN. The Quagga is an extinct subspecies of plains zebra that once existed in South Africa. Walk amongst the wild beasts on this textured area rug made from superior New Zealand wool and hemp yarns. The 13 carefully selected colors that make up this design transport you to the dynamic canvas of a game reserve.  Designed with cut low and cut high pile heights and an intricate finish of precise carving techniques, the rug mimics the varying terrain and vulnerable landscape of the African outback.

Put the noise of modern life far behind you as you feel the soft threads of the QUAGGA rug beneath your feet. Sit back, relax and toast the African sunset tonight, and every night.