Here at Castelluxe, we are dedicated to offering our discerning industry clients striking works of art, in the form of innovative area rugs and home décor products. By working closely with showrooms, architects, and interior designers, we’re able to customize our rugs to match our client’s unique and sophisticated style. We continually deliver trendsetting and novelty ideas that showcase our client’s personality and the originality of their space.

Castelluxe’s founder, Leon Deutsch, is the visionary behind each of our chic products. Growing up in a family of designers, Leon organically found his niche creating area rugs and home décor products. His unique approach to design is very much inspired by the stunning beauty and architecture of his hometown of Melbourne, Australia. Today, Leon enjoys using natural materials to create airy and vivid designs that invite an attitude of sophistication into any room.

This is precisely why at Castelluxe we believe incorporating nature into design is the ultimate expression of gratitude to this beautiful world we call home.