Featured Image: Strata Shale, Size 5’x8’


Special Edition

Fiber Content:
Shale colorway- New Zealand Wool
Sandstone colorway- New Zealand Wool and Hemp
Sizes: Custom



  • Platinum Hand Tufted Construction.
  • 10 Individual Colors.
  • Various Cut and Sculptured Pile Heights.
  • Custom Material, Color, Size, Construction and Pile Heights Available.
  • Offered in Hand Knotted.
  • Pricing Available Upon Request.



Raw, powerful waters thunder ahead as you traverse the Athabasca trail. You’re intensely aware of the hard, striped strata rock that drops steeply to your left into a crystal blue pool far below. The spiced scent of pine and giant, rough trunks surround you as the mossy path narrows and the rumble of cascading water intensifies. Your eyes adjust to the ribbons of brilliant green, electric blue and vibrant red that make up the towering quartz walls as they carve along the canyon channels. The crisp, fresh air that once filled your lungs is suddenly taken away as you join the brave atop a slender concrete bridge and take in the splendor of the cavernous, hue-stained gorge and roaring rapids beneath your feet.

Our STRATA DESIGN is inspired by the gorgeous Stratum, sedimentary rock layers that lie one upon another, arranged by natural processes. Strata are typically seen as bands of different colored materials, varying in thickness which is uniquely captured in the rug design using 10 distinct color selections. The Strata rug is crafted from the finest New Zealand Wool and Hemp yarns artistically carved into cut high and low pile structures to imitate the organic nature of towering shale at the fascinating Jasper National Park, Canada.

Bring the vibrant, unpredictable beauty of the Athabasca Falls into your space with the STRATA DESIGN.