Featured Image: Oliva Orchard, Size 5’x8’


Special Edition

Fiber Content: New Zealand Wool
Sizes: Custom



  • Platinum Hand Tufted Construction.
  • 15 Blended Colors.
  • Various Cut and Sculptured Pile Heights.
  • Custom Material, Color, Size, Construction and Pile Heights Available.
  • Offered in Hand Knotted.
  • Pricing Available Upon Request.



Hovering high above sun-drenched, rolling hills in Spain, you are captivated by a view that our ancestors cherished.  Hillsides are covered with ancient olive trees, their gnarled branches covered in dusty, gray-green leaves.   You observe subtle variations of color produced by the play of light on the hillsides, creating pockets of deeper green in valleys, lighter tones facing the sun, and hints of lavender as light shifts and the day lengthens.  The grove of olive trees brims  with subtle complexity and the natural beauty of growing something both lovely and useful.

Moving closer, you discover that each single tree has its own little universe of complex interaction.  The branch, a symbol of peace, bears leaves aflutter in the sultry Spanish breeze, revealing slight variations in color and texture.  Finally, you analyze one single leaf, discovering veins that nourish the ancient tree, making each leaf a vital part of the tree and the olive grove itself.

Inspired by the subtle, vital harmony of a Spanish olive grove, OLIVA DESIGN is a masterpiece in pure New Zealand wool.  Skillful inverse carving creates individual leaves, and 15 colors are carefully layered to evoke the lovely interplay of motion and light inspired directly by nature.